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Smart Contracts

From the grower to the consumer!Bringing together supply with demand!

GFC through our CMO program will assure consumers the quality, origins, safety and sustainability of the food commodities in a controllable manner.

The technology: Aucxis and ambrosus food blockchain.

The solutions provided through aucxis and ambrosus have the potential to assure and control the high quality standards required for delivering and producing healthy, safe, nutritious and tasty product to end-consumers.

Through GFC e-platform, Smart contracts can include any conditions and any parties without involving lawyers. For example, using a smart contract, the owner of a small grocery store can purchase Fruits & Vegetables directly from a Greek farmer.

Having become members of the platform, buyers and sellers will get direct access to each other including direct communication. Network economy model will produce synergies for all members of GFC ecosystem.

Thus the buyers will get access to the unlimited range of the high-quality and field-priced goods and the sellers will get the growing flow of consumers.

Using a Smart contract on GFC e-platform enables its users to make and accept payments  with crypto currency, thus reducing cost and time of transaction..

All at once, a customer can order delivery to Europe, pay for any applicable cost (customs broker, transport and certification according to the laws of the country of delivery) and receive delivery at his door, fast and simple. Smart contracts will free farmers from the long chains of intermediaries and will enhance transparency in trade, bringing the producer closer to the final buyer and will lower the final price of the product for the consumer.

Smart contracts through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):  A  growing model where the consumer prepay a farm for the whole season. He might pay €300 at the beginning of spring, and he will get a box of veggetables every week for 30 weeks. GFC e-platform will handle the entire transaction.

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