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Group of Growers & Collectivities representations

 Region of central Macedonia

  • Venus Collectivity

Region of East Macedonia & Thrace

  • Collectivity of Kavala

Region of West Macedonia

Region Thessaly 

  • Collectivity of Larissa
  • Agrotrade S.A.

Region of West Greece/Peloponessos

  • Prefecture of Ilia          
  •           - GP of Ilia
              - WS of Ilia
  • Prefecture of Achaea

Region of central & West Peloponnesus

  • Prefecture of Argolida: 3 x Olive Oil suppliers, 2 F&V Suppliers
  • Prefecture of Messinia: Collectivity of messinia, F & V & Olive Oil Supplier
  • County of Kiparissia: 4 x GP F&V Suppliers
  • County of Filiatra: 1 x GP F&V Supplier
  • Prefecture of Lakonia: 2 x F&V&Olive Oil supplier
  • Prefecture of Korinthe
  • Prefecture of Arkadia

Region of Attica

Region of Crete:


  • Agrotrade S.A.

Region of Ionian Islands

Region of central Greece

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logo gfc 28x28 01

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