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Aucxis offers solutions for the automation of auctions and all-sale markets in relation to bidding, sales, administration, supply chain, maintenance - including all peripheral processes.

Aucxis has a wide network of specialized people in line with specific needs: manufacturing, logistics,commercial, marketing, management, operation. Aucxis designs and implements innovative systems for e-commerce to automate any type of sales method: The Dutch auction clock, the method of increasing bidding, brokering, pre-ordering, bidding , etc.

At Aucxis online auctions, we apply common working methods

Aucxis Product                         Selling Method                                      Time

E-Clock                                     Dutch auction*                                                     Real time

E-Log                              Manual recording of the sale                                          Real time

E-Bid*                   Raising bids, online bidding during auction                           Real time

E-Bid light           Raising bids, online bidding during shout auction                  Real time

E-Shop                                Online buying at a fixed price                                    Bidding period

Aucxis Online     Raising bids, online bidding during fixed period                      Bidding period

E-Catalogue        Bidding on a complete catalogue or individual lots                  Real time / bidding period

E-Mediation*                                Mediation                                                          Real time / bidding period

Multi-Trade          Combination of different selling methods                               Real time / bidding period                                                                      

*Dutch auction

With the Dutch auction, the auctioneer determines a start price from which the price moves down until a buyer stops the auction clock by pushing his buy button. The sale takes place in an auction room, while buyers can also attend the sale from their home or office through our Remote bidding system.


The mediation method facilitates negotiations between the producer and buyer or an intermediary party. In the electronic version, the price is determined by evaluation of various factors. The evaluation is either carried out by the market maker – on the basis of the information received – or it is automatically processed by the system, via a specific built-in assignment procedure.

*Raising bids

The auctioneer sets a start price after which a time bar on an auction panel is activated. The price counts down until a buyer makes a bid. Other buyers may make higher bids within the duration of a predetermined period, indicated by the running of a time bar on the auction panel. The buyer who made the last bid, gets the lot.

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logo gfc 28x28 01

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