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Initial Token offer

GFC ICO White Paper


Live, ongoing till Softcap

In order to implement GFC E-AUCTIONS platform, we are offering the chance to buy GFC Tokens. GFC Token is Trading on Ethen DEX market,  and will be listed on further cryptocurrency exchanges soon.

Token Distribution  

Revenues generate from the crowd Token ICO will be allocated to the Company for initial CAPEX, installation & financing of the new infrastructure, investments and fixed costs. IT services, Aucxis Software/Hardware, ATH Master auction Dealing room & Offices, Marketing promotion, GFC Web portal with Multi Trade features, interlinked with the regional TMCs, application of CMO Operational program, initial OPEX at 1st phase, and future use for further business & platform development, like application of Invoice Finance tools ensuring to the Sellers on the platform seamless and daily clearing of transactions (eg. cashaa & Populous), optional installation of BTC ATM & information service points/NTW for facilitating transactions between stakeholders across the Nation as well as for supporting FUTURES Crypto Commodities contracts, and Integration of Tag, Tracer and Sensor Systems (Aucxis, Ambrosus) for the assurance of food quality and healthiness.

Token Details for investors:

Token name: GFC e-auction for Agri-commodities 

Token symbol: GFC

Token lifetime: 10Years

Token execution environment: Etherium platform

Token standard /type: ERC 20 standard base Etherium Token. 

Contract address Etherium wallet —> 0x4c2e198CF5Ee4Ca4d6e9e0C1B2b954f9101c7FC1

Amount of Token supply: 50.000.000

Token standard price: GFC 1 = 0,0005 ETH, or equivalent in Euro(≈0,50 EUR)

SOFT CAP: 1.000.000 Euro

HARD CAP: 25.000.000 Euro

Will the Token be tradeable: Yes

Token decimal units: 0

Token sales cryptocurrencies: ETH

Minimum purchase amount: 1 GFC Token

Sales start date: on going

Sales end date: ongoing till Softcap met


Contributors can purchase GFC by sending ETH to the address: 0x4c2e198CF5Ee4Ca4d6e9e0C1B2b954f9101c7FC1  

Do not send ETH to address seen on messages or chats, emails, social network pages etc.

The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard): MyEtherWallet (no download needed), MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon), Mist (Desktop)

For Payments made through the supported Ether Wallets, Tokens will come directly into your Ether wallet. When using MyEtherWallet, simply select the “Send Ether & Tokens” feature after gaining access to your wallet and provide the GFC ICOs’ Contract address with the ether amount to send and the transaction gas limit, and simply click on the “Generate Transaction” command.


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logo gfc 28x28 01

Contact us at : 332,Kifisias Av., 15233 ATH GR

e.mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  T.0030 210 6718745  F.0030 210 6718743