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TMC:Logistics - Terminal Markets Complex

Terminal Markets Complex (TMC)

The most important role within the GFC National Agricultural Platform (NAP) is played by the Service Providers (SPs). For different market services related to the GFC integrated platform, forecasting, tracking, transportation, quality, sorting & grading, storage, etc., aggregated relevant SPs are assigned per geography / county / region. These SPs will be responsible for facilitating all services and sending the auctioned catalogs for e-auctioning and e-bidding.

The logistic Terminal Market Complex of GFC NAP has various WSPs, SPs and dock facilities where the various products can be processed, packed, cooled and transshipped in individual cold stores. This allows the product to find its way to the final buyers quickly, reliably and under the grower’s & growers association own management, with the supervision, advise, and co-ordination of GFC. For buyers, the logistic center offers the advantage of removing most of their logistic headaches. Whether you need a solution for process,storage and transport, cross-docking or an integral solution for the complete logistic process: GFC is your partner.

Packing, sorting, repacking and labelling. Services that add value to a product in the logistic process. We call it value-added-logistics. Most of these activities are performed by the aggregated SPs member of the GFC NTW, under GFC's protocolls.

TMC (Terminal Market Complex) shall provide:

i.infrastructural facilities and services relating to registration, cleaning, sorting, grading, assaying, internet connection for sync with GFC platform

ii.carry out training and awareness programs and one time registration of farmers, Commission agents, Traders and other service providers like weighment, packaging, loading unloading personnel etc. and also KYC verification thereof including bank accounts registered for online transfer of payments

iii.take necessary steps to integrate the entire market operations right from gate entry till exit of transacted commodity. SPs of TM shall also provide all logistic support of storage and incidental thereto for unsold agricultural produce (remaining), sold products to be dispatched or products brought for selling through GFC e-auction platform requiring such support inside the market premises on minimal charge basis.

iv.Future services like E-pledge & Trading of Futures commodity contracts


GFC will offer e-Pledge models in which GFC National Agri-food e-auction acts as facilitator, bringing borrower, Warehouse Service Provider (WSP) and Banks under one roof, providing warehouse and commodity electronic accounting system, Pledging, Trading, clearing and settlement solution.  Borrowers (farmers / Traders / processors / FPOs etc.) after depositing commodities in GFC’s NTW of notified warehouses can apply on-line to Bank via GFC live and avail finance against pledge of warehouse receipts.

E-Pledge  will facilitate pledge loans through the banks to farmers against goods stored in the warehouse. When the farmer wishes to sell his product he can do so directly without having to withdraw the goods from the warehouse. The pledged amount will be deducted and given to the bank. The remaining will be given to the farmer. The entire process will happen seamlessly through the e-trading platform.

Futures Contracts - Trading  commodity markets across the Nation

Coverage against PRICE RISK

The farmers will be able to enter into futures contracts with any trader across the country. The farmer will be able to make an informed decision about selling if he knows the trends in the futures market. These trading can be located at the GFc’s ntw warehouse/SP and/or private markets.


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