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Objectives and advantages of GFC

Targets of GFC e-auction platform

  • Bringing together supply and demand
  • To streamline marketing / transaction procedures and make them uniform across all markets to promote efficient functioning of the markets
  • To promote better marketing opportunities for farmers / sellers through online access to more buyers / markets - Market opening and fair competition
  • Removing intermediaries and the information asymmetry between farmer and trader, that often outweigh the price x5 without providing substantial services
  • Accessing to detailed market information & international markets
  • Improving the price for producers and consumers through better and real-time price discovery based on actual demand and supply of agri-commodities, and through transparency in auction process and direct payment guarantee
  • Ensuring quality
  • Improving packaging

The actions to be implemented aim to create added value for the Greek growers and the growers associations by:

  • Creating the necessary NTW and on - site automated electronic infrastructure and price mechanism at European standards that will facilitate the offering of the products to the markets
  • Organizing & coordinating the Greek market of F&V as well as olive oil and to give added value to the products.
  • Greater access to international Offers.
  • The creation of remote bidding and Virtual sale (Virtual Auction).
  • Improving sales speed.
  • Access to detail market information
  • Introducing a high level of quality - we call it a "Regional Brand" which will be internationally recognized and will have acquired the market confidence.
  • The coordination between producers / suppliers and buyers / retailers and to the strong exchange of knowledge and cooperation.
  • Looking to centralize all requested analyses
  • Making use of European subsidies that are available for consolidating the supply.
  • Introducing uniform packaging as well one-way packaging as returnable packaging
  • Standardizing administration and guarantee payments to the growers from the sale of the products directly in his / her account via the "Payment Guarantee" system (see reverse factoring system).

The new e-infrastructure will increase the number of transactions & merchants, increasing the turnover & profit for the growers and making the market more transparent, faster and more open, as well as consolidating (aligning) the prices of Greek agricultural products.

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logo gfc 28x28 01

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