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GFC e-auction ntw: How does it work?

The GFC project will include creation of several complementary to the auction clock base functions, such as smart contract initiation, option for payment processing through cryptocurrency (eg.BTC\ETH), digital ID support and others, necessary to conduct efficient and inexpensive commercial transactions between system participants.

GFC E-AUCTIONS: Innovation at the service of the Greek Primary Sector!

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All linked with one bid database which communicates with all the individual distribution / storage centers of the network (markets A1-A6).

1 central server system communicates with all the regionally depots involved in selling the products. In each depot, supplied products are registered with their product characteristics (farmer x, country y, Quality & product type, olive type…) and the right storage location with the dates of receipt is indicated. These data are centrally stored. Our selling parties , today a number of +/- 20 existing group of growers & collectivities spread in Greece, enter the supply they want to sell on the clock system via web pages after logging in successfully. Our system provides the possibility to build up a catalogue with various lots from different suppliers/geographical areas, with product marks, product type, quality, packaging, product dimensions etc., in 1 “block” and to sell them via the clock.

In this way, you will get a certain stock, which can be sold afterwards to the “registered buyers”. There are various sales tools:

o   Real-time clock auction system: selling lot per lot to the highest bidder. Internet buyers and auction room buyers are bidding on each lot; the bidder who stops the clock the first, is bidding the highest price . The clock sale is ideal for a demanding market and delivers in a very transparent way the best price, thanks to the competing buyers,local as remote.

o   Through contract selling. (weekly delivery of supply for an electronically negotiated fixed price.)

o   Through web shop at fixed prices. (based on the clock prices + X%)

o   Afterwards, the information from all these transactions is available on the website of the GFC organization for buyers, farmers and other stakholders. After being logged in, the client can view his specific data ,transactions, catalogues, statistics, general information...

o   After the sale, the various depots TMC SPs get the necessary tasks and insights about who is going to load what.

o   The back office software makes the necessary finalization of the transactions, follow-up of invoices, payments, statistical reports etc. possible.

e Aucxion Features

A the top the central servers (administration selling) // the webserver (webpages growers /// website // web base applications, reports statistical information…)

The blue boxes are the selling methods -> mediation // catalogue bidding (Aucxis online) and clock with remote buyer application.

The buyers are using their favorite way of buying system.

Supply and demand are brought together … buyer can check the stock of all the members/ growers or can ask who can deliver this for that price to the NTW members.

The green is the management of the whole system. Buyers, growers, depots, administration rights, bank guarantees, QC, product definition etc..

The red box is the “open” interface to the industry partners like transport companies,   Fr & Veg magazines who can use the information to organize their own business.

In every SP / storage/packaging center, the products are imported and prepared, with their characteristics, origin, quality, quantity, etc. In practice, buyers can connect in real time to all available natural gateways HUBS. All buyers (international & local) must register themselves in the central system of GFC (central server), which in turn updates the Network.


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logo gfc 28x28 01

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